Have You Met Us?


We partner with Artists who are focused on making a difference in this world. FTM is open to manage Artists who have a compelling desire to live a life through art: We serve as Advocates for Authentic Artistry.


Freight Train Management (FTM) was developed to help guide and direct Artists in their careers; We have a strong desire to see Artists achieving massive success as they share their passion and creative gifts with the world. Artists should be free to create, unburdened by daily business tasks: Having someone they trust to manage the essential business side of their career is crucial.


No Artist will have the same career path, so the Strategic Plan we develop will be unique to your Goals and what YOU want to achieve. Only you will be able to answer if FTM is the right Management Company for you. We’ll be transparent and open about sharing who we are and what values we hold.


Our Company is built upon these non-negotiable principles






*Yeah, we might have made that word up, but it conveys so much of who we are!